Good VibesHere are a few kind words from my wonderful clients

Sue has been amazing with my horse Skooter. Since she has been working with her my horse’s flexibility has been amazing. I do drill team with my mare and before she was being worked on she felt normal to me, but after sue had done the first session on her I already had noticed a difference. She had a bigger movement and flexibility. Sue is very gentle with the horse. My horse loves her and the bodywork!

Trish Skooter

When Sue began work on my 16 year old mare, I was a bit skeptical. Over the years we had tried different chiropractors, massage therapists and a few of those in-between to help alleviate the physical and mental strain associated with showing in the constantly collected frame of Western Pleasure. After just the 2nd session with Sue, the changes in my notoriously grumpy mare were remarkable. Her movement became looser and longer and she seemed more comfortable overall. But most notable was her attitude! This grumpy mare who pins her ears at everyone LOVES Sue. The difference I believe is in the intention – Sue approaches each horse with love and understanding and that carries through to the physical body work that she applies. And the horses respond!

Carrie O. and Magic (aka Madge)