Well Structured Equine

Customized bodywork for your horse’s performance and well-being!


Every horse has different performance demands and structural composition. Just like you, we want the best for your equine partner!
After the initial complementary evaluation, I will create a custom treatment plan that is unique to your horse’s needs.
My bodywork disciplines include Structural Integration, Performance Massage, and Reiki. I will determine the perfect recipe to meet your future performance goals.

About us

Sue is an Equine Natural Movement Practitioner in Seattle, WA. Sue has a lifelong love for all animals, especially horses. Her first pony ride at age five ended rather abruptly when her pony made a galloping beeline for the barn and Sue went bottom down on the trail. After that she was hooked. She spent years cleaning stalls and grooming in exchange for any opportunity to ride. Sue also worked many summers as an assistant therapeutic riding instructor at Camp Horizons, Inc. in Windham, CT. She desperately wanted an equine based career and researched farrier and equine massage schools but all were deemed “unpractical” , so her professional career took another path. Despite many detours, she always kept her equine heart connection.

Sue has been amazing with my horse Skooter. Since she has been working with her my horse’s flexibility has been amazing. I do drill team with my mare and before she was being worked on she Trish and Skooter at Drillfelt normal to me, but after sue had done the first session on her I already had noticed a difference. She had a bigger movement and flexibility. Sue is very gentle with the horse. My horse loves her and the bodywork!

Trish & Skooter

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Sue Willoughby